Wooden Toy Eggs

Our wooden toy eggs are simple, beautiful and most importantly, safe! We focus on high quality, all-natural products that are safe for both toddlers and newborns! Most importantly, we trust our products because we use them too. Noc Noc is an Australian owned and operated micro-business for loving parents, by loving parents!

Truthfully, being a parent in this day and age is becoming increasingly complicated, from having to worry about the implications of technology to the different types of baby safe plastics, it can be hard to know when we’re making the right choices for our kids. So many toys on the shelves of big supermarkets seem safe and harmless, but the plastics, paints and chemicals involved in manufacturing can sometimes be extremely harmful to our children. With Noc Noc products you’re guaranteed a natural product made from non-toxic wood, handcrafted and sealed with your satisfaction 100% guaranteed. Read More

What is a birth egg? And why our wooden toy eggs are special

Our birth eggs are made to be an elegant, bespoke version of a traditional birth plate. These personalised wooden toys make this the perfect keepsake to celebrate the birth of your little one. In addition to being handcrafted, we also make each individual birth set out of European beech and seal it with our organic balm. We are fortunate to have our workshop located in magical Lennox Head, Australia, and we feel a bit of that magic goes into every toy we make.

As a business, we put a heavy focus on sustainability, ecological responsibility and green business practices. It is with this in mind we are so proud that Noc Noc has grown into a sustainable small business that creates stunning, personal, unique, organic personalised baby toys. We draw so much inspiration from nature which is why we keep our pieces designed with simplicity in mind to highlight the beauty of the natural materials. The hardwoods we choose are silky smooth, and safe for babies’ gums, with no extra materials like paint to chip off! Even our wooden toy egg is safe for babies, the rounded smoothness and sealed, buffed hardwood make it a natural favourite.

Wooden toy eggs are the perfect baby toy

We know that children form habits early in life and learn from the most important people in their young lives; their parents. Which is why we believe that teaching children to develop a passion for sustainability and caring for the environment is so important. You can feel good about choosing to buy Noc Noc products because you know you’ve made an eco-friendly choice that will cause ripples of good impact for years to come.

If you’re looking for a wonderful gift for parents of a newborn or looking to spoil your own, we hope you love our toys and keepsake ideas as much as we do. If you have any questions about our products or policies our customer service team would love to hear from you! For any questions, big or small, please feel free to visit our contact page and we will get back to you the next business day! Read Less