Wooden Baby Milestone Cards in Australia

How quickly they grow during the first year! Don’t let it pass you by, make sure you celebrate your little one’s developmental milestones with Noc Noc’s handcrafted, bespoke baby milestones discs made from solid maple.

Our wooden milestone cards are perfect for every photographable moment so you can share the magic with family and friends. Create beautiful lasting memories of your little one’s developmental milestones that you or a loved one will cherish forever.

Lovingly handmade these aesthetic discs are crafted from beautiful sustainable hardwood and then carefully engraved on both sides with fourteen baby development milestones. From the adorable Hello World to the One-Year-Old disc you’ll never forget these special moments with Noc Noc.

All of our handmade wooden toys, accessories, and gifts are not finished with nasty chemicals or toxic sealants, meaning everything is safe your precious little one. Due to the individuality of all our range, the discs are distinctive in slight colouring differences and differing wood grains.

At Noc Noc all of our beautiful gifts are lovingly packaged and ready to be gifted in their very own organic cotton bag.

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Treasure Your Baby's Growth Journey With Wooden Milestone Cards!

Instagram is so beautiful these days with artistic professional quality shots of adorable babies, but it can be pricey and impractical to hire a professional for every photoshoot of your baby’s life. Capturing those memories is of the utmost importance and making sure you have the tools to make even your home photos look stunning is the easiest way to do it! That’s why we offer wooden baby milestone cards, the perfect addition to any beautiful photograph of your little one. We offer seven discs per set, which is a total of fourteen milestones as they are delicately engraved on both sides. Our milestone cards contain the following; Hello World, One Week Old, One Month Old up to One year old, they also come in an organic cotton bag which makes for a perfect baby shower gift pack. Each disc is made out of solid maple or cherry wood and measures 5mm thick.

Why Choose Noc Noc For Baby Milestone Cards

Noc Noc was built on the ideals of excellent customer service, quality products and environmental consciousness. Our company strives to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible with extreme loyalty to our customers. We know that customer service is one of our greatest strengths, and that drives us to consistently put out safe, environmentally conscious items that are not only easy on the planet, but also your bank account, and your baby! We source affordable, renewable, non-toxic wood sources and then carve them to silky smooth perfection before sealing them in our organic balm.

We are always growing and finding new ways to make our products better and bring new stunning ideas to the table. As parents, we understand always wanting the best for our children and that is why we always aim to deliver the best possible product every time. The best part is that each and every set of our milestone wooden cards are unique; each different piece of wood lends a new grain to the process creating a completely unique set of cards for you and your baby. No two pieces the same, handcrafted to order, a beautiful and elegant way to capture the memories of your child's growth.

Wooden Milestone Card FAQ’S

Payment: Buying high quality items often means that things can be a bit more expensive than a mass-produced toy or keepsake. While we do try our best to keep our prices accessible for our customers, we know that our products be a bit of an investment: that’s why we work with afterpay to enable you to spread the cost. This means that you can buy your wooden milestone cards with afterpay and only make 4 interest-free payments of 16.75 a month!

Splinters: It would be crazy to not worry about splinters when giving your newborn a toy made of wood; but don’t worry - we’ve got it covered, literally! Our hardwood products such as our milestone cards, wooden toy eggs and baby blocks are smoothed and buffed to a silky smooth surface before being sealed in an organic balm that aids in the moisturising and integrity of the wood, making it safe for baby gums.

If you have any other questions about our company, products or policies, please send us a message through our contact page, we take all inquiries very seriously and will get back to you as soon as we can! Read Less