Handmade Wooden Baby Building Blocks

Wooden baby toys and building blocks for kids are a timeless gift and a keepsake to treasure. Our lovingly handmade wooden baby blocks are 4cm x 4cm in size, handcrafted from linden wood, which is lightweight and easy to hold wood - perfect for little hands.

Sent to you in a set of six, these gorgeous wooden baby blocks are lovingly packaged in an organic cotton drawstring bag. With nine themes to choose from, there is sure to be one to suit your child’s individual style.

Easy to care for and long-lasting these bespoke pieces are not finished with nasty chemicals and toxic sealants. Therefore you only need to wipe them clean with a damp cloth, there’s no need to immerse them in water. Following these recommendations along with the use of Noc Noc’s Organic Balm means that your wooden baby blocks will stay in perfect condition.

These building blocks for kids and wooden baby toys are keepsakes for you both to cherish forever.

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How Wooden Baby Blocks Aid A Baby's Development

Wooden Baby Blocks are a classically beloved tradition that has been around for generations and not just because of nostalgia, in fact; there are many reasons babies should always have a block set as a part of playtime;

  • Problem Solving, when trying to discern how to build a structure or configuration, they are engaging the problem-solving area of the brain.
  • Imagination, giving simple materials allows a lot of room for imaginations to run wild with blocks and shapes.
  • Self-expression and mathematics, both the importance of comparison, estimation and symmetry come into place as well as using those aspects to express an idea.
  • Permanence and creativity, both engaging the spatial sense and motor abilities as well as the countless combinations possible.
  • Social and Emotional growth, blocks help children learn to take turns and share resources and materials, as well as cooperation when things are going well, and conflict management when they’re not.

In addition, our blocks are made of the lightest natural woods making them easy for little hands to grip onto! Blocks also help to promote language development (curiosity about the pictures on the blocks) and help develop fine motor skills as well as helps to strengthen grip.

What Makes Wooden Blocks Such a Great Gift

The beauty is really in the simplicity; taking a time-honoured tradition such as play blocks and personalising the set, it becomes a bespoke handmade gift, just makes sense. Creating something special and personal that is also conventional, practical and thoughtful, it is a beautiful marriage between traditional and modern. Each and every set is hand made to order and can be customised to have names and birthdates and can be paired with one of our nine different sets to create the perfect gift.

Choose from African Animals, Australian Animals, Farm Animal Faces, Traditional Farm Animals, Under the Sea, Vintage Flowers or Woodland Animals. No two pieces are the same, and each set of blocks is handcrafted from the finest materials and then carved to perfection from non-toxic wood. Wooden building blocks are also the perfect co-star to any playtime pictures of your babies, guaranteed to make it the most liked picture on Instagram as well as the fridge!

Have Questions About Our Baby Blocks?

Here at Noc Noc we always put our customers first, whether it means having exceptional customer service or working hard to source trusted sustainable materials, we’re here for you! We love questions and comments and are always thrilled to see our customers’ feedback. If you don’t feel like tagging us in a post or leaving a comment on Instagram you can always send us a message through the contact feature on our website, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can! If it’s a quick question or one you suspect might be frequently asked, please do check out our FAQ section to see if we might be able to help you there as well. Read Less