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Wooden Baby Rattles In Australia

Our organic Wooden Baby Rattle with wooden teething rings makes for the perfect first toy. Handmade with love from natural hardwood with a silky-smooth feel, this baby rattle is lightweight and easy to hold even for the smallest of hands. These timeless teether pieces come in three styles; Plain, Personalised and Personalised Date of Birth.

Our handcrafted pieces are made with sustainable, BPA and toxin free hardwoods and then sealed with 100% pure jojoba and beeswax. Mindful creation of our products ensures that the wooden teething rings are safe for your little one.

Easy to care for and long-lasting the wooden teething rings and baby rattle are not finished with nasty chemicals and toxic sealants. Therefore our pieces only need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. As they are not coated with harmful chemical sealants it is best not to submerge the baby rattle in water. Following these recommendations, along with the use of Noc Noc’s Organic Balm will ensure that your teething toys stay in perfect condition.

Lovingly packaged and ready to be gifted this is sure to become one of your babies favorite teething toys and a gorgeous keepsake to be treasured forever.

Please note that our personalised pieces are made to order. Please allow up to two weeks for these gifts to be completed before postage. Read More

It has become more and more commonplace for parents to seek out better alternatives to plastic toys for children. More and more reports showcase that even reportedly non-toxic plastic toys, contain some level of toxic material within them. When it comes to younger children, then plastic can be even more risky as we all know what happens to most items that come into a baby’s or toddler’s hand. It is for this reason that we have worked tirelessly to provide a safer alternative. We are a family company based in Australia, and we create beautiful wooden baby rattles.

We use completely organic and non-toxic materials to create an extensive range of personalised children’s gifts, and we’re particularly proud of our wooden rattles, which have been a hit throughout Australia.

If you are looking for a handmade wooden baby rattle, then we are confident that we can provide you with the best possible product available. You will not be disappointed with our items, particularly if you go the extra mile and elect to order a personalised wooden baby rattle.

Why choose one of our ideal wooden rattles?

We are extremely confident that you will appreciate the exquisite nature of our rattles. We have worked hard to develop a totally new design, after gathering feedback from our valued customers. Our new generation rattles retain the high-quality of our previous design, but they are now also a little larger, and we have worked vigilantly to ensure that the quality of our latest designs surpasses the already excellent standard of our first generation rattles.

We have been fortunate enough to source the most sublime European beech and acer, which contributes to the immaculate aesthetics of the products whilst also ensuring that their textures are as smooth and soft as silk.

We also ensure that all of our personalised baby gifts are hand-sanded and have our Organic Balm carefully massaged into them so that they maintain the perfection that we have strived for whilst handcrafting these incredible rattles. You can easily repeat this process at home by purchasing our Organic Balm. You can also maintain the quality of the item by avoiding using any unnecessary cleaning products, as our items can easily be cleaned with just a damp cloth.

Make your wooden rattles even more special

As we have already outlined, each and every one of our wooden toys online are handcrafted by one of our experts. This means that all of our items are 100% unique. However, you can also make these items all the more special by personalising them.

We are more than happy to help make this trinket even more of a keepsake by allowing you the option for having your child’s name lovingly engraved. This means that the overall production time would be just two weeks and would allow you to have an even more bespoke item that your family can cherish for a lifetime.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do. We are a small, home-grown company and believe in our products and the message that they stand for. We want to ensure that children are provided with safe and luxurious items that will last a lifetime.

There is nothing more special for us than seeing the fruits of our labour on our Instagram page and cannot wait to see your little one begin to enjoy a product that we’ve made with love and affection. Please don’t hesitate, order your items now and take advantage of our free delivery within Australia. Read Less