Natural Wooden Blocks Set for Babies

When it comes to babies and children, having natural toys for them to play with feels like one of the best things you can do for your child. They also make the perfect gift for new parents or a child’s birthday because they show that you really care and that you have put time and effort into choosing the perfect gift for the baby or child.

Noc Noc has made a wonderful set of natural wooden blocks in Australia, and we are sure you will agree that their beauty and design are sure to charm both children and parents alike. Read More

Why choose a natural product for children’s toys?

It is becoming more and more evident that we need for natural toys for children to play with. It can be hard to know exactly what goes into some of the plastic toys that are readily available for children, and the production of plastic can contain harmful chemicals. Our natural wooden blocks are perfect for babies because they do not contain any nasty toxins or chemicals, meaning that they are completely safe for children.

It is so important to choose a toy such as our natural wooden blocks that are not going to cause any harm, especially as babies just love to put everything in their mouths. It is their way of exploring the world around them and they want to know what it feels like and how it tastes. Our wooden baby blocks are completely natural and made from linden wood. The only thing that has been added to them is our own unique organic balm, made from jojoba and beeswax, that gives them a beautiful smooth finish.

Our natural wooden block set is also perfect for babies who are teething as they will be able to sink their sore gums into the soft texture to bring them welcome relief. Should you find that your blocks need a little TLC if they have been used and loved as a teething toy, add some of our organic balm to your order and they will restore your blocks to their former glory. We also have wooden teething rings if your baby prefers a rattle toy.

Our blocks come in a range of beautiful designs, featuring animals, including a set that features our beloved native Australian animals. These wooden blocks also have a range of personalisation options. However, with so much to choose from, we warn you that you might find it difficult narrowing down your choice!

No matter which design you choose, they each come in their own handy drawstring bag to keep them safe when not being played with.

Noc Noc: quality wooden blocks and amazing service

When you choose to buy your natural wooden toys through us, not only will you be getting a toy that is safe, beautiful and fun, you will also be getting a service where you, the customer, are put first.

We really value your custom. For each item we send out, we gift wrap it for free , and each order also has a handwritten note included inside. We just love to let our customers know how much we appreciate your custom and loyalty

We also offer options like our ‘Jump the Queue’ option, where you can choose to have your item express delivered to get it to you quickly if you’ve left it a little late to order.

Don’t forget to share all your wonderful pictures with us using #nocnocwoodentoys when you add to your social media accounts.

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