Blank Wooden Baby Blocks

We are all becoming more environmentally aware, and thankfully there are now many more ways to live and shop in an eco-friendly way. This includes purchasing wooden toys for toddlers and children, such as our blank wooden baby blocks, either as a gift or just because you cannot resist!

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What are the benefits of wooden baby blocks?

Not only is wood an environmentally friendly material for toys to be made from, but it also has many other benefits. Our blank wooden blocks for babies are free from toxins and therefore perfectly safe for them to put in their mouths and chew. Babies explore by using their mouths and, as a parent, you want to know that what they are putting in their mouths is safe for them to do so. Plus, these blocks also make a great teether to soothe their sore gums.

Each set of blank baby blocks comes having been lovingly massaged with our own organic balm to give it a super smooth finish and create a wonderful texture for little hands to grasp.

Noc Noc’s blank blocks are a perfect gift for a baby shower, not only because they are beautiful and create a wholesome image. The mum-to-be will be delighted because they will help her baby to develop his or her fine and gross motor skills as they pick up the blocks and build them into various creative designs. Best of all, because you get nine in this set, babies and toddlers are not limited to just building towers but can use their full imagination.

As the child grows, these natural wooden blocks continue to be a gift that grows with them. They can learn skills such as problem-solving as they work out how to sequence the blocks to build their designs. They can also take it in turns with their friends to build collective towers.

Along with all of this, they are also learning valuable mathematical skills and reasoning skills as they can count the blocks and use ideas of symmetry in their different designs.

These blocks work well on their own, or you can use them to add to an existing set of Noc Noc wooden blocks that feature a variety of fun designs that are sure to delight children.

Exceptional customer service when personalising your wooden toys

At Noc Noc, we take great pride in our customer service, and we take real pleasure in our customers being satisfied. We also love seeing your photos of your children playing with our wooden toys. If you share on social media, don’t forget to tag us: #nocnocwoodentoys.

Many of our wooden toys are able to be personalised in some way, such as our wooden toy eggs, milestone cards as well as our personalized baby blocks set which allows you to personalise one block as well as which character motifs to be on the blocks.

Furthermore, to make your buying experience even more personal, we put a handwritten note in with every single order and gift wrap your item for free. We know how little things can really make a difference. 

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